A picture is worth a thousand words. Visualization has become a vital means of data exploration as data displayed graphically allows for an easier comprehension of the information. Proper visualization provides a different approach to show potential connections, relationships, etc. which are not as obvious in non-visualized quantitative data. provides a widely varied information in a visually intuitive way, which is easy to use and understand for its users. Key performance indicators (KPIs) of the business are presented in an insightful dashboard, which can be analyzed so as to optimize its processes and help make key decision faster and efficient.

Visualizations help myLOGISTICZ customers to turn their data into actionable insights as they can easily find patterns, trends and correlations hidden within. The interactive capabilities, enabling users to manipulate them and drill into the depth of data available for querying and analysis. The flags and alerts highlight the immediate focus area and guide users to make corrective actions just in time to avoid any catastrophe.

In addition to operational logistic reporting with insightful visualization using various charting engines, Mylogisticz also provides visualization specific to tracking consignment routes, Inventory movement analysis, etc. Combined with the Internet of Things, this visualization can also give you real time tracking of your goods-in-transit.

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