The Internet of Things (IoT), an environment in which uniquely identified objects form a network to establish an effective transfer of information between several devices or points. It allows to sense and control existing infrastructure, creating opportunities to communicate and share information. Using IoT in logistics and supply chain management makes it operate faster, cheaper and better to meet customer expectations.

Most of the logistic resources like containers, tractors, trucks, ships and airplanes are outsourced with many hand-offs in transit. Cost reduction is a perpetual goal of resource owners and service providers in this complex global network of eco-systems. Collection of data and processing the collected data to provide visibility are a significant part of the total cost. is working on devices and sensors which will help in collecting and processing real time data using Information system without human intervention. This helps myLOGISTICZ in continuous product tracking, real time connectivity, pin point the device location and enhance shipment security.

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