With competition growing by the day, cost reduction in business operations and yet making available various products to customers, as per their requirement, come into sharp focus. Companies tend to increase their profit share and want to rule the market with their products. They try to meet customer needs and create more demand while satisfying their requirements with the best possible product and timely supplies. This draws a lot of need to strengthen one’s supply chain and overcome all the imminent challenges. helps identify such challenges and provides valuable information to vanquish these, thereby helping the user to hit the right market with the right product at right time.

Typical challenges faced in the Supply Chain Management space which can be easily addressed by myLOGISTICZ solution are:
  • Shorter lead time for customers
  • Cost control
  • Meet market demands with accurate forecasting
  • Depot management
  • Detect and reduce frauds
  • Economical transport routing
  • Manage inventory and better throughput

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