‘Supply chain’ is a system formed by merging activities, information, people, resources and technologies together to innovate and improve the experience in producing, moving and delivering a product or a service to the customers. As the demands and trends are continuously evolving, a need is felt of an innovative solution to gain insights into the business processes, so as to detect and attend to any inefficiencies if it creeps in and mitigate even the slenderest of risks. with its uniquely designed BI and analytics solution, is the one stop solution to address the decision needs of the decision makers and also address the pain points specific to supply chain management, thereby managing the product delivery efficiently. Patterns and anomalies are detected using advanced descriptive analytics and unsupervised learning techniques so as to fortify the business from imminent and not-so-imminent threats and frauds.

The product model is designed to support analytical process, which could be customized to support different client segments of supply chain management. The powerful algorithm and the analytical engine would serve insights to the business processes and help take strategic decisions, leading to increased profitability and accuracy.

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