Technology has extensive capability when it comes to keeping a company’s production on track, anticipating and mitigating mistakes, and making modifications that guarantee a top-quality product. uses the best in class technologies to help its users overcome their logistics challenges and deliver matchless service. It offers a platform-agnostic solution with a very flexible and customizable design and it gets seamlessly embedded on the existing business layer. This doesn’t bind with any infrastructure constrains or specifications, hence becomes very easy to couple in any environment.

The heart of the design is a smart malleable data model which is configured to the user need base, as to cater the motley needs. The information molded in is churned and passed through a powerful analytical engine so as to derive important inferences to drive the business in an optimum and efficient manner.

myLOGISTICZ uses the advancements in technology as below

Cloud platform : Cloud environment is an integral part of the myLOGISTICZ solution. User are free to use the environment on the go on a subscription basis and are not confined with the infrastructure boundaries. We support AWS as well as Azure clouds.

Descriptive and predictive analytics : myLOGISTICZ uses descriptive, diagnostic and predictive capability to accurately predict demand, diagnose the key issues and suggest the counter action to the problems at each step in the supply chain. Solutions uses strong analytical engines powered by R, Rapidminer, TERR, ML etc to drive analytics.

Big data : With growing technology, the scale of data to be processed by the system also increases. Big data is an emerging challenge that needs to be addressed. Mylogisticz with its flexible architecture supports all flavors of big data such as Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, MapR, and NoSQL technologies such as Couchbase.

myLOGISTICZ BI : We delivers alluring visualizations and conventional reports using widely varied BI tools like Jaspersoft, Pentaho, SpotFire, SAP BI, SAS, Microsoft Power BI, OBIEE etc.

ERP Platforms : All platforms ranging from SAP to Oracle are supported as the source platforms from where a pre-designed standard ETL process extracts data which is used for the reports, dashboards and analytics.

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