Analytics Driven Supply Chain Management Solution

myLOGISTICZ provides an analytics driven, technology agnostic business solution based on IOT for Supply Chain Management (SCM) businesses. It is flexible to run on-Cloud or on-premise using client’s existing technology stack / infrastructure. This solution uses powerful visualizations to showcase analysis on how to optimize the depot performance and routing, demand/sales forecasting, preventing/predicting frauds in depots. myLOGISTICZ will help businesses to maximize their gains by providing analytics and addressing the key SCM business areas.


‘Supply chain’ is a system formed by merging activities, information, people, resources and technologies together to innovate and improve the experience in producing, moving and delivering a product or a service to the customers. As the demands and trends are continuously evolving, a need is felt of an innovative solution to gain insights into the business processes, so as to detect and attend to any inefficiencies if it creeps in and mitigate even the slenderest of risks.

myLOGISTICZ with its uniquely designed BI and analytics solution, is the one stop solution to address the decision needs of the decision makers and also address the pain points specific to supply chain management, thereby managing the product delivery efficiently. Patterns and anomalies are detected using advanced descriptive analytics and unsupervised learning techniques so as to fortify the business from imminent and not-so-imminent threats and frauds.

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With competition growing by the day, cost reduction in business operations and yet making available various products to customers, as per their requirement, come into sharp focus. Companies tend to increase their profit share and want to rule the market with their products. They try to meet customer needs and create more demand while satisfying their requirements with the best possible product and timely supplies. This draws a lot of need to strengthen one’s supply chain and overcome all the imminent challenges. myLOGISTICZ helps identify such challenges and provides valuable information to vanquish these, thereby helping the user to hit the right market with the right product at right time.

Typical challenges faced in the Supply Chain Management space which can be easily addressed by myLOGISTICZ solution are:
  • Shorter lead time for customers
  • Cost control
  • Meet market demands with accurate forecasting
  • Depot management
  • Detect and reduce frauds
  • Economical transport routing
  • Manage inventory and better throughput

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Visualization has become a vital means of data exploration as data displayed graphically allows for an easier comprehension of the information. Proper visualization provides a different approach to show potential connections, relationships, etc. which are not as obvious in non-visualized quantitative data.

myLOGISTICZ provides a widely varied information in a visually intuitive way, which is easy to use and understand for its users. Key performance indicators (KPIs) of the business are presented in an insightful dashboard, which can be analyzed so as to optimize its processes and help make key decision faster and efficient.

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The Internet of Things (IoT), an environment in which uniquely identified objects form a network to establish an effective transfer of information between several devices or points. It allows to sense and control existing infrastructure, creating opportunities to communicate and share information. Using IoT in logistics and supply chain management makes it operate faster, cheaper and better to meet customer expectations.

Most of the logistic resources like containers, tractors, trucks, ships and airplanes are outsourced with many hand-offs in transit. Cost reduction is a perpetual goal of resource owners and service providers in this complex global network of eco-systems. Collection of data and processing the collected data to provide visibility are a significant part of the total cost.

myLOGISTICZ is working on devices and sensors which will help in collecting and processing real time data using Information system without human intervention. This helps myLOGISTICZ in continuous product tracking, real time connectivity, pin point the device location and enhance shipment security.

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Technology has extensive capability when it comes to keeping a company’s production on track, anticipating and mitigating mistakes, and making modifications that guarantee a top-quality product.

myLOGISTICZ uses the best in class technologies to help its users overcome their logistics challenges and deliver matchless service. It offers a platform-agnostic solution with a very flexible and customizable design and it gets seamlessly embedded on the existing business layer. This doesn’t bind with any infrastructure constrains or specifications, hence becomes very easy to couple in any environment.

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